Sunday, 9 December 2012

Viziblogging about a viziblog

Viziblogging about a viziblog - "Download the data"

This week I am sharing my final piece of work for Alberto Cairo's Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualisation MOOC. I have chosen to investigate a week's worth of posts from The UK Guardian's datablog. It was a particularly busy data week in Britain, as our Chancellor announced his spending plans for the years ahead, and the site provided detailed analysis before, during and after. The centrepiece of the week was this great interactive by Simon Rogers and Garry Blight. 

There is a story behind this story. Early on in this course I made more than a few comments at how surprised I was that the data we were encouraged to download from the Guardian did not seem to be formatted with further visualisation in mind. Having found a total of two examples of this I jumped the gun and slated the Guardian's entire policy on providing data.

Readers of last week's viziblog will see the results of that, as I looked again to see how widespread the problem was. The answer was, "not at all"! My apology may seem a little over the top for someone with only 9 followers on Twitter, but it matched my mortification. 

So I have designed the following visualisation to allow you to make up your own minds, and to explore both the variety of visualisation types and tools the Guardian uses, but also some insight into the navailability of the data. I have scored each report on whether it includes A) a data summary on the landing page, which can be copied and pasted into Excel or similar to be manipulated further (1 point)
B) a rationally formatted spreadsheet to download directly (1 point)
Either one of these is sufficient to disprove my previous precipitous opinion.

Also, the Guardian posts both its own visualisations, and showcases those of others, you may like to investigate the correlation between author and data availability score.

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